The event

Race to the Moon is a virtual running event, where you run together as a team over the course of a month to reach a set distance and fundraising goal.

During October, you and your team will be asked to run 50km and raise £100 to help keep children safe.

Your fundraising will give us the fuel we need to get to the moon. Every penny you raise pushes us closer to our goal so don’t forget to start spreading the word and sharing your page

It’s up to you! After blast off on 1 October, you can help us reach the moon by running anywhere, anytime, so you can make it work around your schedule. Add up your kilometres on the way to work, in the park after school or over the weekends.

1. Register for your team’s free place here
2. Create your family’s own fundraising page
3. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you by donating on your page
4. Complete you team’s 50km challenge during October. Record your kilometres by updating them on your page, or connecting your supporter page to Strava, Fitbit or Map My Fitness
5. Raise over £100 during October and your team will receive our Race to the Moon fundraising award!

Yes. You can set your team’s own pace for your Race to the Moon, whether that’s a gentle stroll, jogging the school run or series of weekend sprints.

No – we want everyone to be able to take part in this astronomical challenge.

We want people of all ages to take part in the challenge, but if you want to register your family and you are under the age of 16 then please get your parent/guardian’s permission first.

When you register, you can create your team. If you’re in charge of setting up the team:
1. Create a name for your team while you’re registering
2. You can add in the names of any under 18 participants in the registration form
3. Once you’ve finished your registration and have secured your own team page, use the “Invite Members” button on your team page to send email invitations to your friends and family
4. If someone else has set up the team, just search for the team name when you’re registering and you’ll be automatically connected once you complete your registration.

Don’t worry if not everyone in your family has an app. You can manually update your family’s distance on your supporter page, full instructions are here

Nothing will happen if you don’t manage to complete your Race to the Moon virtual run in October. However, to receive your fundraising award you have to complete the challenge in October and raise £100 or more.

You can start recording your team’s distance from 1 October, when your team page will become active (you will get a reminder email when this happens). You then have the whole month to update and keep track of your progress.

Your fundraising

As part of your registration for Race to the Moon you will automatically receive an online fundraising page with everydayhero

everydayhero is the online fundraising platform supporting Race to the Moon. Using everydayhero is safe and secure. Once you register a Race to the Moon online supporter page will automatically be set up for you and all donations will be automatically sent to the NSPCC.

We’re asking all our team’s to raise £100 during October. If you raise £100 or over your team will receive our bespoke fundraising award!

We’ve got lots of materials available for you to use. Just visit our webpage or drop us an email:

Linking your app to your page is easy, just follow the steps here

Then just get in touch! You can email us on: or call the team on 020 3772 9720